30-Nov-2007 | Sunlight is good for you

Sunlight is good for you. Or why it is not all bad. By Gavin Greenoak, Managing and Scientifi..

30-Nov-2007 | UVA – What is going on?

UVA – What is going on? Preface Revisiting the Broad Spectrum evaluation of sunscreens h..

The APTF offers claim substantiation tests on human subjects for all aspects of sunscreen performance according to international standards. Tests include those for Sun Protection Factors (SPF), water resistance and Broad Spectrum claims (in vivo and in vitro). The APTF also designs protocols for the substantiation of claims which fall outside the scope of any standard, but are designed to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, and bear international standards of scientific scrutiny.

The APTF is able to contract assistance with all aspects of sunscreen formulation development and patenting, provided by some of the best sunscreen formulators in Australia.

The APTF offers claim substantiation tests according to recognised protocols, for cosmetics of any kind for non-irritancy, allergenicity, photo-irritancy and photo-allergy. And for specific products which seek claims such as bactericidal action or insect repellency. In this area too the APTF tailors protocols for specific claims outside the scope of available and recognised protocols.

The APTF offers the opportunity for basic research and development of products for their ability to impact biological processes of interest such as inflammation, wound healing, carcinogenesis (cancer initiation and promotion), and immune function. Projects may be short or long term, and involve in vitro and in vivo methods. In vivo experimentation is undertaken only after a due process of rigorous scrutiny by independent assessors necessary for ethical approval. These projects reflect a consistent approach by the APTF to achieving credible scientific objectives, this approach is to recommend pilot studies in the first instance which are indicators of the possible outcomes and thence support or contraindicate further investment. Drawing upon a very broad base of academic expertise including, biology, dermatology, bacteriology, biometry, molecular genetics, chemistry, bio-chemistry, physics and photobiology the scope of investigations approaches the limitless.

The APTF can also provide regulatory advice, information, and research, to meet requirements anywhere in the world.

APTF costing is competitive, with the aim always of achieving the maximum gain for the minimum investment, by a stage by stage approach where possible.

  • In-Vivo SPF Determinations, Static and Water Resistance Testing, Broad Spectrum (UVA) in- VitroTesting according to any international Standard or Guideline (incl. AS/NZS 2604:1998)
  • In-Vivo UVA Testing
  • In Vitro SPF Analysis (not suitable for label claims)
  • In Vitro UVA evaluation (UVA Ratio, Critical Wavelength, Boots Star Rating, Photostability)
  • Cumulative and Short Term Irritancy Testing
  • Repeat Insult Patch (Modified Draize) Sensitisation, Allergenicity Testing
  • Moisturisation testing
  • Skin lightening studies
  • Sebum and skin pH testing
  • Anti-wrinkle/ageing tests
  • Anti-inflammatory testing
  • Cost Effective Stage by Stage Approach and fast turn around.
  • Development Research
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